The Mattresses

Treca, the emblematic French brand of luxury bedding, has been offering mattresses combining unique know-how, innovative technologies and exquisite materials since 1935. All Treca mattresses have a unique design and are entirely manufactured by our craftsmen in our workshops in France. Respect of tradition and a tailor-made production have made the brand a symbol for luxury mattresses.

Discover exceptional mattresses through the various Treca collections. Our mattresses offer meticulous finishing, the latest technological innovations and all the historical know-how of the House of Treca. Couture, Impérial, Paris, Première, Impérial Prestige and Platinum - discover the Treca mattress designed for you! To make your choice, let yourself be guided by our sleep experts who will introduce you to the Art of French Sleep.

Our Treca mattresses invite you to rub shoulders with the world of French-style sleeping, thanks to the meticulous work of our master French craftsmen and the use of noble materials such as royal alpaca, Merino wool from Arles and baby Camel.

Mattresses, excellence serving your sleep

The Art of Sleeping at Treca begins with the demand for excellence in the mattress manufacturing process. The exceptional finish of Treca mattresses is complemented by luxury features for ideal comfort.

Treca puts its expertise at the service of everyone's sleep. Treca mattresses are designed to take into account the specificities of each sleeper: weight, height, morphology, movements of the sleeper, whether you sleep alone or together. The unique technology of Air Spring® pocket springs used in some Treca mattresses offers an unequalled precision of contact and support for the sleeper's body.

Whatever your sleeping position, your Treca mattress welcomes and supports you in an optimal way by distributing perfectly the pressure exerted by your body. Your back is thus protected and your joints stay relaxed for the best possible recovery. The exquisite materials that make up the Treca mattresses are carefully chosen to allow the greatest comfort and perfect hygiene of your Treca mattress.

Finally, thanks to the perfect independence of sleeping provided by the Treca mattresses, each sleeper is no longer disturbed by his partner, for peaceful nights without micro wake-ups. With a Treca mattress, you can enjoy a lustful, voluptuous and recuperative night, followed by enchanted awakenings!

Offer yourself an haute couture slumber

Treca introduces you to its collection of Treca Impérial mattresses, a symbol of comfort, high quality and French know-how, through its two classic models, stars of the brand: the Treca "Impérial Air Spring" mattress, ideal for a balanced comfort and the "Impérial Pullman" mattress, recommended to lovers of rejuvenating comfort. For even more comfortable nights and to enhance the softness and natural air conditioning of your mattress, you can add the subtle "Impérial" topper, so that your bedding becomes a real cocoon of softness.

Lovers of well-being and magical nights, take care of your sleep while satisfying your desire for fashion requirements, thanks to the Treca Couture mattress collection. It is the combination of unique know-how, exceptional materials and the greatest refinement for a restful sleep in a luxurious setting. Refined aesthetics, beautiful materials and remarkable finishes guarantee unequalled comfort and pleasure for a long time.

Emotions, refinement and delicacy are the key words for nights spent in a Treca bed. The greatest hotels and palaces in the world have chosen Treca, why not you?

The bed bases

The choice of the bed base, like that of your premium bed, depends on the level of comfort you want: strengthen the support with a slatted base, soften it with a sprung base. Switch to a real experience with our relaxation bases, where your bed becomes a place to live and relax every day.

Treca bed bases are designed to offer optimum comfort and maximum sleeping independence.

Treca offers a wide range of bed bases, from slatted bases to box springs. They are made from quality materials such as solid wood, metal and fabric. The slats are made of solid wood, guaranteeing firm, long-lasting support. The bed bases are also fitted with foam suspension for soft comfort.

Treca bed bases are available in a range of sizes and finishes to meet the needs of all sleepers. They are designed to offer optimum comfort, whatever your sleeping position. They are equipped with various technologies, such as Air Spring® suspension, which provides perfect support for your body and excellent sleeping independence, meaning your movements won't disturb your partner. Elegant and refined, Treca bed bases are available in a wide variety of finishes to match your decorating style.

The Mattress toppers

Treca mattress toppers are premium bedding accessories, manufactured in France, offering optimum comfort and long-lasting quality. They are designed to enhance the comfort of your mattress, providing an extra layer of softness, support and thermal regulation.

With Treca, there's a mattress topper for every collection

With a Treca mattress topper, you'll enjoy enhanced comfort as the topper adds a layer of softness and support to the mattress. This can help relieve pressure points, such as shoulders, hips and buttocks. It can also improve blood circulation and reduce back pain.

The mattress topper can also help to regulate body temperature, which can be useful for people who tend to feel too hot or too cold at night. Finally, it protects the mattress: the topper protects the mattress from dirt, dust and moisture. This can extend the life of the mattress.

A frequent bed accessory used in the hotel industry, mattress toppers are becoming increasingly popular, offering a host of benefits in terms of both comfort and health. Think about it when choosing your new bedding.

The Pillows

We have selected the best French manufacturers for your pillows so that you can fully enjoy the comfort provided by your Treca bed. Drouault and Brun de Vian-Tiran manufacture all their products in France using noble, environmentally-friendly materials.

Did you know? Pillows account for around 30% of the total comfort of bedding.

Whatever its shape and composition, a pillow is the real addition to your bed. The choice of pillow is essential to your comfort and well-being, and must be in line with your bedding and the way you sleep. The main function of a pillow is to support your cervical vertebrae and ensure correct neck alignment. That's why Treca has selected exceptional pillows, made from noble, natural materials and finished with unique expertise.

To make your nights magical, Tréca offers you pillows with a perfect balance of firmness and softness to suit your needs and provide you with an unequalled sleep experience. Crafted with the utmost expertise, they enhance your nights for a perfect night's rest.

The Duvets

Duvets are an essential sleep accessory for comfort. Light in summer, warmer in winter, they do not retain the natural moisture released by the body during sleep, and allow it to be evacuated without making the sleeper feel clammy or overheated. To choose the right natural duvet, you need to determine the level of warmth (density in grams/m²), the number of sleepers in the bed, the type of fibre, the temperature of the bedroom and the size of bed you need.

Natural duvets provide healthy comfort for a peaceful, restorative night's sleep.

Manufacture Brun de Vian-Tiran makes duvets filled with wool or fine hair with breathable covers. The natural filling of a Brun de Vian-Tiran duvet fulfils its role to the full: providing you with healthy, thermo-physiological comfort. The duvets are filled with Alpine wool, Arles Antique® merino wool, silk, camel hair, alpaca, cashmere, linen or cotton, all natural materials with specific properties. The wools are warm and plump, the silk fine and warm, the camel hair, alpaca and cashmere extremely soft, the cotton and linen retain their freshness.

Drouault® offers a wide range of duvets so that every sleeper can find their ideal duvet. The duvets are made from top-of-the-range materials. Composition, filling, finish, everything is done to ensure that Drouault duvets fit all types of bedding. They are designed using fabrics that maximise your comfort: cotton satin or organic or natural cotton. When it comes to filling, Drouault carefully selects the materials used: synthetic materials and goose and duck feathers or down. Depending on the type of filling, you can opt for a puffy, enveloping or soft duvet.

The Headboards

To complete your bedding, Tréca offers you its different models of headboards, a wide choice of shapes and styles, both classical and contemporary, to be personalised with the fabric of your choice and to coordinate with your bed base and interior. Tréca works with international designers to imagine the creations of its headboards, made in France in our workshops and dressed in the most beautiful fabrics thanks to the care of our seamstresses.

Treca shares its values of tradition and craftsmanship as well as its know-how of excellence with various prestigious houses. Pierre Frey and Lelièvre have been naturally chosen to dress our bed sets. The art of the French bedroom merges with the art of fabrics.

When the art of the french bedroom joins the art of fabrics

The main French player in the furniture textile industry, founded in 1935, Pierre Frey creates, edits, and manufactures fabrics inspired by classical and contemporary art, and provides its customers with French craftsmanship. A publishing and design studio for four generations, Lelièvre has been providing Tréca with 100 years of know-how, history, beauty and design to dress its ensembles. The common goal of these two French houses is to translate the dreams of their customers into contemporary, unique and timeless creations. Beyond the common values they share, such as know-how, made-to-measure and haute couture, Lelièvre and Tréca have joined forces to illustrate the art of the French bedroom.

The Footboards

Footboards are often used to complement bedding, not only to raise the base off the floor, but also to enhance the overall appearance of the bed. Wooden or metal, small or large, modern or more classic, complete your Treca bed with footboards to suit your taste.

Footboards, between aesthetics and usefulness

First and foremost, footboards add elegant style to your bedding: at Treca, they are available in a variety of shapes and materials to suit all tastes. They also provide added stability and better ventilation. Footboards allow air to circulate under the bed, helping to prevent dampness and mould.

Whether you opt for a classic, modern or designer style, always take your bedroom environment into account. Footboards are a real support for your bed and show off your bedding like a display case.

The Bed linen

What better way to end your day than to slip into your top-of-the-range bed with your Treca bed linen... Lightness, softness, aesthetics and sensuality are the essential characteristics of top-quality bed linen, which is why at Tréca, each element of your bed linen sets comes in different sizes, patterns and colours to harmoniously match your bedding sets, while guaranteeing you an impeccable night's sleep thanks to their cutting-edge tailoring, made in the art of French know-how.

Materials and colours to adorn your bed in all its finery

Noble materials to guarantee you unrivalled quality, a variety of models to best suit your desires, immerse yourself in the softness, comfort and elegance of our bed linen designed and made to wrap your most beautiful nights in delicious sensations of well-being and harmony.

Discover haute couture bed linen in percale, vintage linen or cotton sateen from 300 to 1000 thread count, as well as sets of monogrammed and customisable minimum 550g terry towels. Orosa sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are the perfect accompaniment to Manufacture Brun de Vian-Tiran's wool blankets, whatever the season.

Sleep accessories

Discover our selection of the most sensorial sleep accessories : products handmade in the strict respect of the tradition of the great French houses, the pillows and duvets of the Maison Drouault, in the noblest duvets - white Siberian goose down, white duck down... -, duvets, blankets and pillows from Brun de Vian-Tiran, in the most beautiful wools and sumptuous fibres - camel wool, royal alpaca, cashmere, silk, Merinos wool from ancient Arles, Mohair... -.

Sleep accessories enhance your nights and give your bedding its aesthetic and sensory appeal.

Les Boutiques Tréca recommend these high quality accessories for their lightness and cosiness, but also and above all for their thermoregulatory properties. Finally, don't forget to protect your accessories and your bedding with our range of mattress and pillow protectors: caps adapted to your mattresses and cotton fleeces up to 400g/m² for perfect absorption and protection while keeping your bedding soft.