Our Prestige Partner Brands

Treca's commitment to quality and sleep comfort is a true passion. We want you to enjoy a restful and luxurious night's sleep, that's why we are proud to introduce you to the renowned brands we work with, joining forces to create exceptional bedding.

By teaming up with these carefully selected partners who share our dedication to the highest quality materials, Treca is committed to providing you with an unparalleled sleep experience. From fluffy duvets to silky sheets and ergonomic pillows, every sleep accessory that accompanies our bedding benefits from the finest fabrications and most refined fibres, combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest advances in comfort.

Brun de Vian Tiran, the manufacture of noble fabrics since 1808

Add an extra dimension to your home, wrap yourself in soft, elegant fabrics, take refuge in the comfort of natural bedding... Since 1808, the Brun de Vian-Tiran factory has been carefully selecting the world's most exquisite wools to make exceptional textiles in its workshops at l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence, following an unchanging 15-stage process.

Faithful to its mission as a selector of the finest natural materials in the world, a designer inspired by nature, and an innovative manufacturer, Brun de Vian-Tiran brings extreme, authentic softness into your everyday life. This softness comes from the peaceful way of life of the town where the company was born and where it continues to operate: l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in Provence.

Drouault, made in Extraordinary

All items from the Drouault workshops are handmade, giving each piece a distinctive and inimitable signature. Fabrics and upholstery are sourced regularly, securely and under constant control.

Since 2019, the renowned Maison Drouault has held the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, a prestigious distinction awarded by the French government. This official recognition rewards French-style craftsmanship and industrial excellence, as well as the age-old expertise of its talented seamstresses and master quilters.

The unrivalled quality of Drouault products is guaranteed by extremely high standards at every stage of the process. Meticulous selection of the finest fabrics, the most sumptuous fillings and the purest duvets is imperative, allowing our experienced and conscientious seamstresses to craft top-of-the-range bedding accessories that combine unrivalled performance and comfort.

Orosa, the experience of exceptional craftsmanship

Orosa embodies excellence in handcrafted bed linen, setting new standards in comfort and luxury. Working hand-in-hand with a workshop near Lyon where craftsmanship comes to life, each piece is crafted with meticulous skill, the result of a deep passion for quality and refinement.

Each sheet, each pillowcase, is the fruit of expert handwork, where every stitch bears witness to the meticulous attention paid to every detail. This artisanal approach gives the products offered by Orosa incomparable quality and a unique personality.

The Orosa bed line offers you the experience of exceptional craftsmanship, where comfort, luxury and durability meet to create a haven of peace in your bedroom.

The Art of Partnership

By choosing Treca, you choose a sleep experience that transcends expectations. Our commitment towards excellence, reinforced by prestigious partnerships, promises sumptuous nights of rest, where comfort and style combine to create an oasis of well-being in your own bedroom.