Outstanding exhibitions, art of sleeping works now in store

Treca Stores invites you to discover exceptional bedding models, completely bespoke, made in partnership with the finest fabric editors of soft furnishings: Pierre Frey, Dedar, JAB, Designer Guild, Kvadrat, Casamance, etc. Truly eye catching, their bedding is at the heart of bed-time artisanry. Using its expertise as an upholsterer-decorator, Treca takes bed bases and headboards created by talented designers and adorns them with the most beautiful fabrics. Discover our latest creations where colour and material are skilfully blended, then let yourself be carried by a moment’s inspiration to (re)create your nest bed of relaxation and rest.

Saint Germain headboard - Fabric Nouvelles Vagues by Dedar

The Saint Germain headboard, designed by Charles Tassin in collaboration with Treca, exemplifies refinement and innovation when it comes to bedroom furniture. Combining the creative vision of Tassin with Treca’s expertise, this piece stands out thanks to its clean lines, its timeless elegance and its small details, transforming any bedroom into an elegant and welcoming space.

Dressed in Dedar’s luxurious Nouvelles Vagues and Aplomb Petrolio fabrics, they become a real masterpiece. Nouvelle Vagues, a velvet jacquard, reminds of the coat of a tiger with its luminous threads, ideal for intensive furnishing applications. Aplomb Petrolio, a merino wool satin, offers a soft and rigorous drape, ideal for chairs. These materials offer sophistication and longevity, creating a sanctuary of comfort and elegance.

Gressey headboard - Fabric Luis Lin by Pierre Frey

Dressed in Pierre Frey’s Luid Lin fabric, the Gressey headboard from the collaboration between Charles Tassin and Treca takes on a new dimension of sophistication. This delightful material, ideal for a chair or curtains, stands out thanks to its wool threads which liven up its noble surface woven with natural linen. The combination of this fabric and the avant-garde design of the Gressey headboard creates a perfect symbiosis between modernity and tradition, adding a touch of warmth and natural elegance to your sleep space.

Adonis headboard - Fabric Splendido Black by Dedar

The classic style of the Adonis headboard, designed by Andreas Weber, adapts perfectly to any interior. The clean lines and the elegant design of this key piece add a subtle touch of sophistication to your bedroom. Dressed in Dedar's lavish Splendido Black fabric, this headboard adds an unrivalled luxurious touch. This extraordinarily glossy velvet, with a very high pile of 4 mm (instead of the usual 2 mm), stands out thanks to its shine and magnificent colours, made possible thanks to the presence of silk and viscose.

In addition to its exceptional appearance, this fabric boasts outstanding density and elasticity which prevents creasing, guaranteeing an impeccable appearance at all times. The combination of the simple Andreas Weber design and the Dedar Splendidio Black fabric creates a headboard that lends modern and refined elegance to your sleep space.

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Credits photos showrooms © Robin Kings