Treca Apogée Mattress

    Treca Couture Collection
    €13,306.67 Recommended retail price*

    Including €15.00 for ecotax

    Quintessence of the Maison Tréca know-how, the Apogée mattress comes from the traditions of excellence passed down from generation to generation. Its Air Spring® double bagged suspension offers a perfect independence of sleeping.

    Thickness : 35 cm
    Support : Enwraped
    Contact : Semi-firm, Ferme, Very firm
    *Manufacturer’s recommended price including VAT on 01/01/2024, for a Treca Apogée Mattress (160 x 200 cm), excluding specific options, including eco-part 15€.
    Delivery and installation by appointment We deliver and install our bedding sets all over the world and are able to offer the most refined "ready-to-sleep" services.
    French manufacture in our workshops Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in our workshops in Mer (Loir-et-Cher) and Reichshoffen (Alsace), France.
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    Mattress presentation

    Discover the Apogée mattress from the Couture collection by Treca

    Quintessence of the Maison Treca know-how, the Apogée mattress comes from the traditions of excellence passed down from generation to generation. Its Air Spring® double bagged suspension offers a perfect independence of sleeping. Its morphological welcome point by point is reinforced by the enveloping welcome of the Talalay.

    The climates that make up Apogée come from a meticulous search to offer you the best: Royal Alpaca on the winter side and Merino of Arles wool on the summer side. You can also choose from 4 other climates (Baby Camel, Baby Lama, Silk and Linen).

    To make your Apogée mattress unique, you can embroid your initials. The Apogée mattress has a 25 years guarantee.


    The suspension ensures a natural and enveloping comfort. The point-by-point support is progressive, harmonious and personalised to give you the best possible independence in your sleep.

    The integral upholstery is a process that is carried out exclusively by hand by experts. It ensures that the layers of upholstery are permanently joined together and that the top of the mattress remains plump.

    The seat area is reinforced to ensure that the mattress remains stable and has a long service life. Guaranteed comfort and support from edge to edge of the mattress, no more sensation of rolling or falling.


    An exclusive, customisable and natural material : Talalay natural latex adapts to all morphologies and sleeping positions and offers an unrivalled softness. The choice of natural fillings: cashmere, linen, camel, silk or bamboo is possible to offer you maximum freedom and customisation.

    Alpaga Royal : The first shearing in the life of an Alpaca is set aside. The fibre from this shearing is sorted and the finest fibres are subjected to 4 filtration processes. That is why the Alpage Royal fiber represents less than 1% of the world's production of Alpaca. It is the finest fiber harvested during the shearing and the most luxurious one. The Royal Alpaca fibre is highly insulating and does not retain moisture.

    Mérinos d'Arles and French tradition are intertwined : In the 13th century, the Count of Provence authorised the free movement of woolen animals in the south of France. This free movement was to confront the Merinos d'Arles with the climatic variations between the warm plains of the Crau and the rigours of the Alpine nights. Seven centuries of history have transformed the wool of the Merinos d'Arles into a fine and curly fleece, supple and light, soft and warm. The Mérinos d'Arles wool is a wool whom name is a true appellation of origin. It is the finest wool in Europe and the most puffy in the world.


    Double suspension of cotton wrapped pocket springs. Pocket Springs dimensions : 14/10, 17/10 or 18/10

    Integral, lateral and traditionnal padding

    Foam framing the heart and holding framework for dimensions over 160 x 200 cm

    Winter side: Alpaga Royal 1,2 kg/m², Talalay® 4 cm

    Summer side: Mérinos d'Arles wool 1,2 kg/m², Talalay® 4 cm

    It is also possible to replace the winter and summer sides with: Baby Lama, Baby Camel, Linen and Silk.

    Finishes and Options

    Ticking TC18 (Natural Viscose, Silk and Cashmere Blend)

    Quilted and padded band trays

    6 or 8 embroidered horizontal handles including 1 handle with the model name

    4 air vents

    Lucas, Boutique Tréca Londres
    The expert's opinion "A good bed isn't just about a good mattress: it's also about the right bed base, the right bed linen, the right sleeping accessories (pillows, duvet, etc...) and decoration such as the headboard or base cover." Lucas, London Treca Store.

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    According to your needs, your tastes and your desires, create your made-to-measure bed thanks to our project designer: choose your ambiance, your mattress and your bed base, your headboard and your footboards, then choose the fabric that inspires you.

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