Large mattresses: Treca has the ultimate!

When choosing your mattress, Treca offers you the ultimate in large mattresses!

Are you dreaming of a bed with many features that adapts to your body like a second skin or an essential sleep companion, or a cosy and soothing night's sleep?

Treca, a top-of-the-range French brand for more than 8 generations, has created for each of its collections, 'Impérial', 'Impérial Prestige', 'Première', 'Platinum', 'Paris', 'Couture', the largest mattresses ready to welcome your lovemaking for relaxing nights sleeping well together.

In widths of 160 and 200 cm and lengths of 200 and 210 cm - or simply made to measure upon request - these large mattresses, with their soft or firm support, with their enveloping or extremely soft feeling and their unrivalled cocoon-like sensation are sure to delight and awaken your emotions to enjoy even greater comfort.

Come and visit our Treca Stores in Paris, Lyon, London and Nice, to choose your bed in your size, or have it custom made. Our Treca Experts are at your disposal. 

Large-size mattresses for sensual and affectionate nights, aim big!

Treca, the premium bed brand since 1935, has always known that a night's sleep for two is more likely to be satisfying on a large mattress. Remember that with a 140 cm and a 160 cm mattress, you are less likely to disturb your partner.

Treca has always thought big when it comes to night time. Within the Treca collections, you can choose King Size dimensions, but also order mattresses especially designed to your measurements in order to bring you premium comfort and satisfaction.

Independent sleeping, a variety of firmnesses and comforts - from the softest to the most invigorating, Treca has everything to satisfy your dreams of a restful and sensual night's sleep on a generous scale. 

Big beds: why opt for a big-sized bed?

We are all on a quest for comfort and intimacy.

The bed in the middle of your room is no longer just a place to sleep. It is also a place to just be, to chat, share, relax with your partner or simply have some privacy. The bigger your bed, the bigger your enjoyment.

Need some quiet time to read, work, have breakfast... or sensual and soothing nights? Treca, the prestigious French bed brand, has designed King Size beds that can be found in its an array of collections 'Impérial', 'Impérial Prestige', 'Première', 'Platinum', 'Paris', 'Couture' lines. Treca offers you the privilege of ordering a bed that is especially adapted to your measurements, providing you with maximum comfort.

Imagine your moments of rest, relaxation and sleep, alone or accompanied... Before or after, think big when it comes to bedtime! 

a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores
a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores