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High-end mattresses: sleep in the bed of your dreams

Immerse yourself in the world of Treca high-end beds and bedding with their innovative technologies based on natural materials, and get that French ‘savoir-dormir’.

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Treca know-how for almost 90 years

With almost 90 years of know-how and devotion to high quality, the venerable French bed company Treca has taken deluxe personalised slumber to new heights.

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The double-sided mattress, with Treca know-how

Rather in line with the habits of the previous generation, mattresses with two sleeping sides are sometimes rejected in favour of single-sided mattresses [...]

With the new Joséphine mattress, enjoy a quality night's sleep where freshness and comfort come together to give you a revitalising night's sleep.
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L’Art de la Chambre, Treca an artisan's bedding tailor-made for your nights

Since 1935, the Treca brand has revolutionised top-of-the-range bedding by taking a close interest in all the components of quality sleep.

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Stylish furnishing fabrics further enrich Treca beds

With 90 years' experience, Treca is a brand that has risen to the top of the high-end bed world thanks to its unique French expertise. Treca is not only a bed brand, it has also plays the part of an upholsterer-decorator so that it can create exceptional products for each of its customers.

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Pocket spring mattresses: cutting-edge technology

Pocket spring mattresses, suitable for fixed and reclining beds, offer the most advanced technology to ensure that you sleep just as you wish with excellent ventilation [...]

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Mattress brand: Treca, the most sought-after brand!

A pioneering company specialising in top-of-the-range bedroom wares for over 80 years,t the prestigious mattress brand Tréca produces the most refined and functional [...]

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Treca beds: why choose a Treca bed?

Treca's strong identity in the world of beds for more than 80 years is based primarily on its concept of "handmade sleep": sleeping the French way. The Treca bed indeed does amaze [...]

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A high-end mattress makes a high-quality mattress

If you're longing to travel through the tales of the Arabian Nights, it's time to discover the outstanding quality of the high-end mattresses from [...]