Stylish furnishing fabrics further enrich Treca beds

With 90 years' experience, Treca is a brand that has risen to the top of the high-end bed world thanks to its unique French expertise. Treca is not only a bed brand, it has also plays the part of an upholsterer-decorator so that it can create exceptional products for each of its customers.

At Treca every action is a honed skill, tradition is preserved and expertise has been passed on over generations. Knowing how to get a good night's sleep is an art that Treca will introduce you to through the creation of its products. Due to our refined materials and exceptional fabrics selected by master artisans, you will feel like you're sleeping on a fluffy cloud.

Upholsterer-decorator: a role requiring excellence

The role of upholsterer-decorator consists of designing, manufacturing and upholstering a variety of furniture such as beds, armchairs, chairs, sofas, etc. Masters of materials, the upholsterer-decorator works just well in both renovating as embellishing the most beautiful creations of contemporary designers with fabrics. A good upholsterer knows how to satisfy each customer's needs. This is a real expertise that Treca has acquired over the years and for which the brand now has undisputed expertise.

Treca covers its headboards and bed bases with the most beautiful fabrics in collaboration with several world-famous textiles companies such as Pierre Frey, Lelièvre, Dedar or Designers Guild. The work of an upholsterer-decorator does not consist simply of covering items with fabric, but also matching the right material to the right support, to know how to perfectly fit a plain or patterned fabric, whatever the shape of the furniture.

« Bringing realistic products to life without being devoid of style and soul. My aim was to make them accessible while retaining the value. »

Charles Tassin, interior designer

Furnishing fabrics from the leading textiles companies

Treca's choice of collaborations is based on common values. Treca's teams choose textiles companies to compile a selection of fabrics that best suit its bed products. Fabric samples are sent t the Reichshoffen workshops in Alsace so that the master upholsterers can check that they're suitable for use.

Treca Stores offer their customers a wide range of fabric samples thanks to the Déco bundles which feature their partners' finest products. Customers can choose from the 70 fabrics in the bundle, but they also have the chance to offer their own fabric sample which will need to be checked by the masters upholsters in our Alsace workshops.

Textile companies' furnishing fabrics are applied to an armrest or box spring, but some headboard designs have their own pre-defined fabric. There are various fabric qualities according to the Martindale test which simulates the natural wear of the fabric and in turn tests its resistance. For example, fabric for making curtains is not the same as fabric used for headboards or even an armchair, as the strength of the fabric will be different. Also, a headboard will offer more fabric variety because our head just brushes against it when we sleep, whereas with an armchair, the contact and friction is continuous when we sit on it.

Treca can fully customise a bed base or headboard in 6-8 weeks, but it may take up to 12 weeks depending on the complexity of the project. This time frame, including a white glove delivery and installation service in your bedroom, is necessary as each product is custom-made in our workshops based on the customer's wishes.

Useful knowledge

A mattress cannot be covered in a furnishing fabric. The special fabric that covers a mattress is called "ticking"; it plays a key role in comfort and is designed specifically to adapt to climate.

Treca design workshops

Treca has two production plants in France for manufacturing all its products. The first is in Mer in Loir-et-Cher, not far from the Château de Chambord. This factory produces some of Tréca's collections such as L'Air du Temps, Les 100 Ciels and the Paris Collection. The Mer factory focuses on the production of small series runs, which allows it to produce these collections more quickly. L'Air du Temps and Les 100 Ciels are only intended for the European market.

The second plant is located in Reichshoffen in Alsace, the same place as the historic 1935 workshops. The term "workshop" (or atelier) is still used in Reichshoffen because the bed bases, headboards and mattresses are made traditionally by hand by the craftsmen. The master upholsterers take care of cutting the upholstery fabrics and the skilled seamstresses apply these beautiful fabrics to the bed bases and headboards.

In order to guarantee exceptional quality based on generations of French know-how, Treca manufactures its own springs in this workshop. The iconic Couture, Platinum, Impérial and Paris collections are also designed in Reichshoffen. These are ranges that you can find in all Treca Stores, particularly in the new London Store as all these products meet UK standards.

« The craftsman/artist partnership is of utmost importance. I appreciate the fact that my work is part of everyday life, but I am also fascinated by Treca's craftsmanship. »

Christian Lacroix, French Designer

Treca Stores, specialists in your tailor-made desires

Place des Victoires Store in Paris

The Place des Victoires Store was established in the Paris region in October 2021 in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris. The store is located in the furnishing fabric production district at number 14 of this prestigious Parisian square (one of five royal squares) and is dominated by the equestrian statue of Louis XIV. On the corner of rue du Mail, this store is so special because it makes you discover the whole world of the bedroom, according to the desires of each customer.

It showcases exceptional products that the Parisian and international clientele can personalise according to a certain number of fabrics, created by leading textiles companies and designers such as Pierre Frey, Lelièvre, etc. It provides its upholsterer-decorator services with the utmost expertise that enables us to elegantly adorn each headboard and bed base following the artisan traditions in the Reichshoffen workshops in Alsace.

New in London : Treca London Store

At the start of 2022, Treca set up in the English capital with a new Treca Store to the delight of London customers who can now (re)discover Made in France. Just like in Paris and Lyon, the London store offers products that could be finished with wonderful designer furnishing fabrics.

European and international customers are in awe of the quality of Treca's products and the materials used in their design, and don't think twice about opting for completely custom-made beds. According to store manager Lucas, « As we are all unique, each person has the right to demand a unique bed, a perfect one, designed just for them, that matches their image and desires. »

Treca: the preferred partner of the greatest designers

Maison Treca offers exclusive prestigious collections created in collaboration with famous French designers such as Sarah Lavoine, Charles Tassin, Christian Lacroix and Chantal Thomass.

Sarah Lavoine, a world-famous interior designer, states that « The bed is an object representing our daily life, an indispensable part of the art of living well. We wanted to create unique, comfortable and designer items while responding to our projects in the hotel sector ». Collaboration with Sarah Lavoine is based on well-being as well as the art of how we use the bedroom space. This partnership between Treca and Sarah Lavoine is above all one of unique, artisanal and French savoir-faire that plays with bold, out-of-the-ordinary designs.

Charles Tassin is an interior designer passionate about French savoir-faire. His collaboration with Treca has given rise to a series of 1930s and 40s-themed headboards that introduce us to a new approach to bedroom design. « It all started with a shared desire to restore nobility to such an essential accessory, to the comfort of the bed, which had lost its superb quality despite being an integral part of it. Bringing realistic products to life without being devoid of style and soul. My aim was to make them accessible while retaining the value. »

Christian Lacroix, an eminent French designer, opted to combine his excellence with exceptional know-how. He unfurls this talent in the form of vibrantly coloured collections, creating materials for curtains or seats. This collaboration with Mr Lacroix is anchored in ancestral traditions that allow Treca to offer quality products that are worthy of the best works of art.

Chantal Thomass, a famous luxury lingerie designer, draws inspiration from femininity with pale pink and soft materials. Different beds with sensual elements will draw your attention to a new dimension to the bedroom. Chantal Thomass reflects on her collaboration with Treca stating: « I felt free to go even further in my world and to try out brand new graphics and materials for bedding. »

« The bed is an object representing our daily life, an indispensable part of the art of living well. »

Sarah Lavoine, Interior Designer

Fabric: a material requiring skill and knowledge

Treca selects a large number of furnishing fabric companies that share common values with the brand: thread count, fibre, weave, colour, manufacturing processes, origin, etc.

Founded in 1935, the Maison Pierre Frey creates, designs and manufactures fabrics. Tréca and Maison Pierre Frey have a permanent partnership to offer the best selection of fabrics to each customer. Excellence, French expertise, artisanship and tradition are the four cornerstones which enrich our partnership year after year.

Lelièvre is a textiles company that has been showcasing French expertise for more than a century. Its art on the research of material, touch, colour and aspect, enables it to offer to its customers exceptional fabrics born from great creativity. Lelièvre offers a wide array of fabrics that team perfectly with different decors.

Dedar is a textiles and wallpaper company launched in 1976. Its style is warm and modern, with an obvious love for beautiful things. Characterised by its freedom of inspiration, its strength of expression and an insatiable taste for experimentation, Dedar uses its palette of colours and different textures to offer precious fabrics of all kinds.

Designers Guild, a British brand created in 1970, takes its inspiration from Indian culture and hand block printing, a printing technique in which a design is engraved on a wooden stamp and applied to a fabric. This world-renowned iconic brand offers a wide range of furnishing fabrics, bed linen and original wallpapers.

Treca is constantly reinventing the traditional trade of upholsterer-decorator to offer its customers unique, tailor-made products. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to selecting materials, designing products or providing its service. We all deserve the best so we can enjoy a unique and revitalising night's sleep. The brand, committed to exclusive French manufacturing, has never ceased to develop its hand-sewing expertise, while maintaining its respect for tradition and artisanal culture. Treca is the guarantee of quality bedrooms that meets all your desires in terms of sleep, comfort, well-being and design. A little piece of the dream at your fingertips!

Do you want to discover our most beautiful fabrics and enjoy tailor-made beds?

a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores
a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores