Pierre Frey's Interview

« My name is Pierre Frey, I’m the grandson of the Maison Pierre Frey founder, and I’m the director of communications. »

How would you describe the Maison Pierre Frey? What is the Pierre Frey style?

Originally, we were fabric creators and producers. For the past ten years, we’ve also been developing wallpaper collections, as well as carpeting and furniture. We are a French family house, creative and high end.

Could you tell us how you produce and work on your collections?

We design our collections in our own studio, in Paris, with our creative director who’s also my father, Patrick. He’s been running our studio for fifty years now, and works with a talented and creative team. We produce the majority of our fabrics in our weaving workshops in the North of France. When we are looking for different know-how, we sometimes work with other producers in France and in Europe.

What does your collaboration with the Maison Treca look like?

We’ve been providers for the Maison Treca for many years now, but we have really deepened our collaboration four of five years ago. Today, references from our collection appear in the Maison Treca catalogue and represent a big volume amongst our most beautiful products.

Can you tell us about the values that are shared by both houses?

I would say that the know-how, the made in France, the quality and the service are some of the core values that bring us together.

How do big historical houses like yours keep adapting to the evolution of society and consumer trends without losing their identities?

The Maison Pierre Frey customers are decorators and architects from all over the world, we’re really into B2B. We’re providing them with fabrics, wallpapers, furniture and custom-made rugs. We are also supplying high-end residential customers, as well as the hotel-restaurant sector. Of course, there was a time when we produced a lot of synthetic fabrics, outdoor fabrics for example, to meet the hotel industry needs.

But the last few years have shown us that our customers are much more into natural materials now : linen, wool, cotton and a lot more natural fibers that we weave ourselves in our studios. Right now, the biggest request is for linen and wool. We replenished our stocks accordingly and produced our new collections with these natural fabrics.

Are there some technical characteristics to take in consideration when purchasing bed fabrics?

Any fabric from our Pierre Frey collection is adapted to customize any Treca beds, from headboards to bed bases, whether you choose print, embroidery, jacquard or any weaving that you like. There’s no need for a particular resistance in that area.

Have you noticed some new trends regarding bedroom fabrics?

Once again, the natural materials are back in the bedroom, with strong patterns. We used to have plain, solid colored bedrooms, but in the recent years our decorator customers, who are the same as the Maison Treca’s, started using more powerful products. Patterns, vivid colors and warmth are now all invited in the bedroom, whether it’s on the wallpaper or in the embroidery used for the headboards.

What does the bedroom space symbolize for you?

To me, the bedroom symbolizes a cocoon, wellbeing, warmth and comfort for a good night of sleep. For this to happen, we must have beautiful material, soothing colors like blue or green, rather than warm colors. To amplify softness and emphasize the cocoon sensation, we would put fabrics on the headboards, the bed bases and the walls. I find this adds a lot of charm and comfort to a bedroom.

What does your own bedroom look like today?

Today, my bedroom is completely covered with fabrics, and wall hangings, something I haven’t seen in my room since childhood and I must say it brings a lot of warmth, lightness, comfort and this cocoon sensation I was talking about. Obviously, it also keeps the room fresh in the summer, and warm in the winter. Wall hangings have many benefits.

What do you like to do of your nights?

Nowadays it’s calm and rest, which wasn’t always the case!

What’s your bedside book at the moment?

I started a new thrilling book this weekend, it’s called « Louis Vuitton, l’Audacieux », from Caroline Bongrand. It starts with Vuitton childhood, and it’s very well written. I highly recommend it!

How would you define l’Art de la Chambre?

L’Art de la Chambre, which has little to do with my actual bedroom, but more with a dream bedroom, would obviously have wall hangings. I find them terribly important whether it’s for my bedroom or for my children’s, I’ve come to realize this while lining up my own bedroom a couple of years ago. Of course, in my dream bedroom, there’s a beautiful Treca headboard, in a beautiful solid material. There’s also nice frames on the wall, with classical drawings in them, but the rest of the room is rather contemporary. The lights would be nice and low, no spots, only several sources of soft light. And the room would have blue wall hangings. It would be delightful.

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