A creative journey: the collaboration between Priscilla Kerdelhue and Treca

In the world of design, the fusion of form and function reveals the essence of art. Today, we have the privilege of exploring the creative journey of interior designer Priscilla Kerdelhue.

With her keen sense of aesthetics, Priscilla has transformed sleeping spaces into sanctuaries of comfort, brilliantly blending Treca’s luxury and expertise with her own design talent. In this exclusive interview, we look into the heart of our partnership, discovering the inspirations, challenges and innovations that have made this collaboration a work of art, in the world of interior design.

Priscilla’s insights are a true reflection of the power of design to enrich our lives - and our nights.

Could you tell us a little about yourself and your career as an interior designer?

I was a young executive in the luxury hotel and catering industry, and I took up interior design studies at the same time. For me, it was an obvious choice, part of my dream, my passion for design and the creative side of things.

About a year ago, I decided to open my own company, while continuing my studies. I’ve had the opportunity to work on some great projects, in London, Geneva and elsewhere in the world, in both high-end residential and professional sectors, especially showrooms. My aim is to combine my background in luxury hotels and restaurants with interior design.

What drives you in your work?

What motivates me is customer satisfaction. Although it may sound a bit cliché, I’m a firm believer in this principle. As one of my customers put it: 'It’s easy with Priscilla, everything was taken care of, I just had to put my suitcases down'.

I also enjoy coordinating all those involved in the project, rather like a conductor, because I firmly believe that the success of a project lies in its overall execution, and that nothing can be achieved alone. My job also offers me a constant opportunity to learn, discover new things and share my knowledge.

What is your design style?

As far as my design style is concerned, I don’t consider it to be the most important. For me, residential projects should above all reflect the customer’s preferences, sometimes even when they don’t yet know what their style is. My role is to discover this for them.

As for my personal style, I love breaking codes, adapting to the environment is a priority, it’s the basis. I like to incorporate pieces from designers who have already lived other lives, I appreciate the use of colour, textures, and playing subtly with details to create the most accomplished design possible. I also like to mix styles to achieve an eclectic result. My ultimate dream would be for one of my customers to say to me: 'You’ve got carte blanche on the design, so surprise me'.

Could you tell us about the origin and context of the project you’re currently working on with Treca?

The current project is in London and concerns a high-end residence. The style is elegant, uncluttered, minimalist and functional. It’s linked to the opening of the Treca Store in London.

What were the customer’s vision or objectives for this project?

The customer’s focus was on the functional side of the project. He didn’t want to deal with the details and entrusted the whole process to his personal assistant. This meant that we had to put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and understand his vision, even though he provided little or no information. We based our work on his lifestyle, the hotels he travels to and his daily life to guide our decisions.

Are there any specific design principles you adhere to in your work?

There’s only one principle that guides my work: every customer is unique; every project is unique. My projects are treated on a case-by-case basis. In my personal circle, I’ve observed professionals looking for shortcuts to go faster to the disadvantage of the customer. Personally, I’d never take the easy way out, and that makes all the difference to a project. I strive to accompany each customer, to understand them and adapt to their needs.

Why did you choose Treca products for this project?

There were several reasons why we chose Treca products for this project. First, we benchmarked the bedding industry, and Treca stood out. Treca products can be customized in any way, whether in terms of dimensions, decor, colours, or by integrating designer headboards, with no constraints on thickness, materials, or measurements.

Bed bases offer customized finishes, with a variety of thicknesses available. Treca offers a collection of 12 mattresses, each offering several comforts, compared with the competition’s three or four. What’s more, the materials used are noble, including alpaca, silk, and cashmere, representing exceptional quality for incredible value. Treca products are also reversible, with a summer side and a winter side, making them versatile and suitable for a variety of bedding needs.

Can you share your experience of working with Treca products in terms of design versatility and quality?

Our experience of working with Treca products has been highly satisfying. The Treca Store in London offers exceptional follow-up, establishing real relationships with us as customers. Communication is fluid and efficient, which has saved us considerable time. The emphasis on service and French know-how is also a key aspect of our experience.

Can you share a few examples of your previous projects or clients that highlight your interior design expertise, and explain how your experience influences your approach to this project?

For example, after completing one project, a customer was so satisfied that he asked me to work on another of his properties.

That’s an extraordinary reward for me. I’ve also established fruitful relationships with construction companies who ask me to work on projects for their customers. Each project is much more than a simple realization; it’s a human experience, a place where people will live. This perspective drives me in my current work, placing the customer’s needs and well-being at the heart of my approach, while aiming for a long-term relationship marked by quality of service and attention to the human aspect.

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