High-end mattresses: sleep in the bed of your dreams

Who has not dreamed of falling to sleep in the enchanting comfort of a luxurious bed, of immodest proportions, in which you feel like each and every muscle relaxes, just before you drift off into a deep sleep?

Naturally, high-end beds are characterised by four major components: comfort, composition, durability and price. Having been a expert in the field since its creation in 1935, Treca brand has not ceased to innovate and seek out the best materials to procure the perfect sleep for its customers. A pioneer of the use of springs in mattresses, thanks to its patented technologies, Treca has asserted itself as an undisputed benchmark in French mattresses.

Mindful of the importance of sleep in everyday life (we spend one third of our lives asleep!), Treca meets its sleepers’ needs by seamlessly combining technology and materials. Comfortable and durable mattresses, made of natural materials and upholstered by hand, are all you need to rest in the arms of Morpheus.

Technology at the service of your night-time comfort

When you look at a high-end bed, your first thought is that it is impressive. However, beyond this visual observation, it is its intrinsic composition that makes it high-end. The character of the mattress is found at its core. All the layers of meticulously assembled materials and technologies give the mattress its specific nature.

Suspension is one of the main characteristics to consider. As a specialist in pocket springs, Treca has developed suspension systems specifically for both fixed and reclining beds.

Air Spring® suspension facilitates point-by-point support. This means that the pocket springs react to each point where the body exerts pressure on the mattress to give you optimal support. The aim is to keep the spinal column perfectly aligned in order to prevent back issues. Furthermore, this technology provides perfect sleeping independence, so that you are not woken by your partner moving.

Pullman® suspension adds the finishing touches to the pocket springs with its spiral assembly that provides firmer support, in particular for the more solidly built. This suspension gives the sleeper perfect support as they change position during the night. Pullman Fusion® suspension, created in 2009, is a combination of the two types above, and combines the benefits of both.

Full upholstery, a traditional and patented process, reinforces the structure of the mattress to prevent it from deforming and enables it to stand the test of time. The two sides of the mattresses are thus connected by hand by ties running through the suspension and the padding. The quality of the suspension, as well as of the upholstery, mean that Treca mattresses are guaranteed for seven years, or over 2,500 nights.

Exceptional materials selected for their heat regulating properties

Wool, silk, horsehair, Arles merino wool, baby camel wool, mohair, linen, the list of materials used by Treca in its mattresses is long, but responds to a need for balance in the character of the mattress. As you will have noticed, all the materials are natural and some are very precious. Baby camel wool for example, obtained the first time a baby camel is sheared, is well-known for its resistance to extreme cold. It is warm, strong, fine and soft. It is used in the Apogée mattress and the Couture mattress topper, for example.

In addition to their warmth, some of these materials, especially wool, have heat regulating properties. During the night, a mattress has a role to play in regulating its hosts’ perspiration: its constituent materials will help to provide a cool support in summer and a warmer one in winter. In addition to suitable night garments, a bedroom temperature of between 16 and 18°, and a light meal in the evening, this will enable you to enjoy a restful night under the best conditions, without perspiring or feeling cold.

All these materials are rigorously selected and put together at Treca’s Mer and Reichshoffen workshops in order to construct the most prestigious mattresses and offer you a truly tailor-made sleep.

Haute couture collections

Treca has always endeavoured to offer mattress collections that meet a specific need for comfort. Versatile and timeless, the Impérial collection is the very definition of French ‘savoir-dormir’, this art that Treca cultivates and distils into its creations. With eight models, including the latest, Apollon, Impérial represents the quintessence of Tréca, encompassing all the technologies and the most beautiful materials offered by Nature.

Like treasures, precious, rare and prestigious, the Paris and Couture collection mattresses offer refined finishes, as well as a plethora of customisation options to tailor your bed to your needs. This is the advent of made-to-measure, in which the expertise of Treca’s master craftspeople and upholsterers vies with the imagination of the greatest designers in the world. The result is a pinnacle of achievement.

As Nature has given so much to Treca, the brand found it only fitting to give something back: the Première collection, designed with respect for the environment, offers mattresses that are poetic, natural and on-trend. With this collection, Treca puts words into practice and addresses the concerns of 21st century consumers.

Fairytale nights like in the finest hotels

Every night, the unparalleled comfort of Treca high-end mattresses gives even the most demanding of sleepers a sophisticated journey to the land of dreams. The finest hotels and palaces on the planet have rightly understood that the best service they can provide to their clients is offering them the perfect rest. They cannot therefore skimp on the key factor of this rest: the bed. Today, Treca supplies numerous hotels worldwide. Satisfied by a perfect night in a luxury hotel, many people have opted for the comfort of a Treca mattress on a daily basis. Five-star comfort, night after night.

Treca won its spurs for products other than mattresses by investing in the ‘Art de la Chambre’. The centrepiece, today’s bed stands proud draped in exceptional fabrics from the largest soft furnishings houses, sewn with the greatest of dexterity against a décor conceived by the biggest names in design and interior design. Treca has opened up to prestigious collaborations with world famous designers: Charles Tassin, Sarah Lavoine, Chantal Thomass or more recently, Constance Guisset.

The Treca Stores, the official network for the exclusive distribution of Treca products, have contributed their expertise in managing complex bed projects, from architectural integration to the execution of master bedrooms, and the fitting out of villas, jets and yachts, for the most exacting of clients. These stores, showcases of comfort in the heart of the prettiest areas of Paris, London or Milan, provide a window into these high-end beds and bedding, where everyone is welcome to see, try, touch, imagine, in short, create their future cocoon of revitalisation, in France and internationally.

The benefits of choosing a high-end bed are clear and, with Treca, a good night’s sleep is no longer an unattainable luxury. On the contrary, it becomes an ideal to which you are drawn, in accordance with your budget, from the perspective that the third of your life you spend asleep enables you to live the remaining two-thirds to the full. This is the promise of high-end mattresses: gifting yourself the comfort of a restful night in an idyllic and natural setting where the perfect sleep is no longer just a dream.

a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores
a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores