How to look after of your Treca mattress

Treca mattresses are the epitome of luxury and the ultimate in bedroom comfort. As the undisputed benchmark in French high-end mattresses, Treca is committed to ensuring the quality and longevity of its products, which come with a seven-year guarantee. We have put together some care advice for your Treca mattress, so that you can enjoy the excellence of your bed for many years.

Use a mattress protector

Treca Stores offer a range of French-quality Drouault mattress protectors to put the finishing touch to your mattress. Choose a waterproof mattress protector for maximum protection from moisture and stains. You can also opt for a thick mattress topper for additional comfort. Generally, sleepers own two of these, so as to alternate them when changing the sheets.

Day-to-day care

To keep your Treca mattress at its best, you should air it daily. Pull down your duvet and leave your window open for at least fifteen minutes. Next, we recommend that you vacuum clean your mattress and mattress topper, if you have one, regularly. Run the vacuum cleaner over the surface, taking care not to miss the hollows and seams in order to get rid of any pills and dust build-up. This needs to be done meticulously. You can repeat the process for the other side of your mattress and mattress topper. For deeper cleaning of odours and fatty substances, you can use Fuller’s Earth.

Fuller’s Earth is absorbent and removes grease. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, and provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical cleaning products. You can sprinkle this remedy on your bed and leave it to work for at least an hour. For even more effective cleaning, leave it to work for several hours. Repeat this process at least once or twice a year.

Change your bed linen frequently

We recommend that you change your sheets every eight to ten days to keep your Treca mattress fresh and clean. This simple and effective practice guarantees that your sleeping environment is healthy and hygienic. Additionally, remember to turn your Treca mattress over with each change of season to ensure optimal comfort on the summer and winter sides. This will also help to prevent it from sagging and to maintain optimal support.

Combating dust mites

Mattress and bedding hygiene is vital, in particular to combat dust mites. In addition to the anti-dust mite treatments applied to Treca mattresses, it is also essential that you keep your mattress rigorously clean. Vacuum clean your mattress regularly to get rid of dust and allergen build-up. For effective protection you should use mattress and pillow protectors. Wash these frequently to make sure that your sleep environment is healthy.

Remove any stains

Treca mattresses are designed to offer unequalled comfort, however, it is important to take appropriate measures to preserve their beauty and integrity. If your Treca mattress becomes stained, act swiftly and carefully. You should use a damp cloth to gently dab the stain. Never soak your mattress, and do not apply water or stain remover to it directly. You can also rub household soap or a stain remover bar onto a wash mitt and then rub this gently onto the mattress. Take care not to spread the stain further, and allow the mattress to dry fully before putting the bedding back on.

We recommend that you use circular movements, in one direction only, when removing stains to avoid damaging the fibres of the mattress. For more stubborn stains, you may consider using a cleaning solution of bicarbonate of soda and water. Make a paste and apply this to the stain, leaving it to work and harden for several hours before vacuuming it up. You can also use alternative cleaning remedies, such as magic sponges.

Should you need to store your mattress for an extended period, we recommend that you store it flat, rather than vertically. Finally, please note that the lifespan of a Treca mattress is around ten years, but regular care can extend its life and keep it in optimal condition for longer. By following this simple and effective advice, you can enjoy your bed to the full and make sure that you get peaceful nights sleep for the years to come.

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a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores