"L'art de la chambre" on the French Riviera

Treca opens its boutique in Nice, a symbol of comfort and excellence.

For its first store in southeast France, Treca choses Nice, a highly attractive city with links to nearby Italy.

The brand, an ambassador of French savoir-dormir, has set its sights on downtown Nice for the opening of its 8th store in France and 10th in Europe. The Nice area is well-known for its large number of boutiques dedicated to home decoration.

The 120m2 store offers a unique space with high ceilings visible from the street and a two-story layout. The architectural choice was made to restore the original structure and highlight the stone columns.

The boutique showcases emblematic collections such as Couture, Paris and Impérial, along with the new eco-friendly 'sister brand' Première de Treca. Right from the entrance, the emphasis is on decoration and personalized bedding. Featuring remarkable headboards, such as those created in collaboration with interior architect Charles Tassin or designer Constance Guisset, the boutique showcases Treca's upholsterer-decorator craft, as well as prestigious collaborations with leading upholstery fabric manufacturers: Pierre Frey, Dedar and Designer Guild.

« The Côte d'Azur allows Treca to be present with a clientele in search of ever greater comfort. Today, Treca Boutiques have the expertise to manage complex, made-to-measure architectural integration projects, to equip complete villas, yachts or private jets, for a demanding clientele. This boutique also brings us closer to our Parisian and London customers who have a second home on the Côte d'Azur. »

Olivier Couto, Treca Nice boutique manager

An artistic concept

Initiated by Lyon-based retail design agency MH3, the boutique concept goes beyond space design and commercial architecture. Each Boutique Treca is designed to showcase the brand's stories.

The visual code, based on the contrast of black rooms alternating with soothing light spaces, creates a unique style in the world of bedding. This staging makes you want to discover the different spaces, with moments of surprise reminiscent of the thrill of discovering a room or suite in a fine hotel.

« Like precious materials carefully assembled to create exceptional bedding, MH3 has created a unique universe to showcase its various collections and design a place conducive to discovering the art of sleeping. Care and attention to detail, historical references such as the boudoir, the concept of the casket, and the idea that the bedroom can be a work of art have structured the development of this concept. »

Jérôme Schmider, Creative director, MH3 agency

Here, the scenography is simple, but carefully designed to make the visit fluid and accessible. You'll be carried away by the hushed atmosphere as you explore the collections. The oak floor evokes the charm of a fine Haussmann apartment, while the walls are punctuated by classical moldings that lend harmony and serenity. The concept is like the most beautiful room in a hotel: a room with a view. Interior signage complements the scenography, with quotations on sleep from great authors in cut-out letters, wallpapers and inspiring visuals from the brand.

A renewed customer experience

The customer experience is part of a journey that links the digital to the physical experience in situ. The boutique focuses on the experience of the senses, colors and materials that make up a made-to-measure bed. This experience is aimed at both private and professional customers. It's a place for exchanging ideas and advice on how to design a bedroom and meet the needs of architects. Like a workshop, this space presents fabric samples as if at a dressmaker's, to create a unique project that reflects the personality of each individual.

As the seasons change, the store becomes a place of inspiration, a museum or a gallery, when its walls are used to exhibit contemporary artists who, in conjunction with the bedding on display, help turn the bedroom into a work of art.

« The opening of Treca's tenth boutique on the Côte d'Azur, in Nice, marks our determination to further develop our network in France and abroad. Treca carefully chooses the most prestigious locations in order to be as close as possible to its customers and to offer them the brand experience: the Art of the bedroom. »

Charles-Henri Déon, CEO Adova Group

Press release produced by Tom Gueugnon

a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores
a lot more special offers are waiting for you in ours Treca Stores